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FAQS From NYC Ounce Club

Weed Delivery NYC

  • What are our hours?
    Mon - Sat: 12 PM to 7 PM Sunday: CLOSE
  • How long does it usually take after order?
    We offer same day delivery. Usually we do delivery with in 1-2 hours depends on locations.
  • How to place order from NYC Ounce Club?
    Order your favorite products from NYC Ounce club weed delivery in New York. STEP 1: Check out “menu” or click on “shop now STEP 2: Add your product to the cart STEP 3: Select “Delivery” or “Pick-up” STEP 4: Place your order STEP 5: You will get a confirmation Text or Call from us.
  • Is it Recreational or Medical ?
    We offer for both Recreational or Medical use.
  • Is cannabis/weed delivery legal?
    Yes! Cannabis weed delivery is 100% legal for adults over 21 years of age for recreational use, or 18 and over for medical patients with a valid medical recommendation or state issued cannabis card.
  • Where do you deliver?
    We deliver whole of New York adding Brooklyn, Manhattan, and queens and all the nearest areas.
  • How do I pay for cannabis delivery?
    Payment can be made in Cash on Delivery and Online Payment. Debit Card also acceptable.
  • Do you need a medical card to buy? And can I buy from out of state?
    No medical card needed and yes we accept out of state buyers.
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